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We only carry the finest new and used woodwind instruments. Inventory changes often. Brands include:  Antigua, Jupiter, Di Zhao, Chateau, Conn-Selmer, and P.Mariaut – just to name a few!  View our woodwind instrument inventory below. Give us  a call or email to learn more.

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Selmer Presence Clarinet

Le Blanc Bliss Wood Clarinet

Gemeinhardt 1P Piccolo

Yamaha Pre-owned Piccolo

Di Zhao DZ101 Piccolo

Jupiter Piccolo

Pearl Piccolo

Di Zhao DZ700 Flute

Pearl 525 Flute

Pearl Vigore Flute

Pearl 765 Flute

Yamaha YPC-61Piccolo

Azumi 3000 Flute

Azumi 2RBO Flute

Azumi 2 Flute

Buffet E12F Clarinet

Antigua Baritone Saxophone

Selmer TS44 Tenor Saxophone

Avanti 1000 Flute

Di Zhao Flute

Gemeinhardt Artisan Flute

Pearl 665RBE 1RD Flute

Azumi 3 Flute

Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone

Chateau Alto Saxophone

Selmer AS42 Alto Saxophone

Selmer AS42B Alto Saxophone

Selmer AS42 Alto Saxophone

LeBlanc Bliss Clarinet

Antigua Pro One Alto Saxophone