Ready to Rent?

NOTE: We are happy to offer delivery to schools. Please fill the form out completely, including credit card information. You may also call (320) 252-8159 to give your credit card information for billing over the phone. You must have payment before we can deliver. 


If you are ready to get started, please download the band instrument rental agreement here.

Instructions for completing the online band instrument rental agreement form:

1.  Fill in the instrument type (clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute, alto sax, tenor sax, percussion, french horn, baritone, etc).

2.  Complete the personal information section (all information must be completed in this section, do not leave anything blank).

  • The person paying for the rental instrument is the renter (do not put the students name here).

  • The students name is included near the bottom of the personal information section.

  • Address must be your billing address and must match the address on file for the credit or debit card number you provide.

  • Include the child's first and last name, school name, as well as music/band teacher for delivery to the school. Thank you.


How to Submit the rental agreement:

You have two options for submitting your band instrument rental agreement form.

  1. Fax – Please fax the the completed for to the fax number listed on top of the band instrument rental agreement form.

  2. Email – Please scan and save the rental agreement as a PDF and email to


Next Steps:

Once we have recieved and processed your rental agreement form we will send you an email confirmation with the total including any accessories, reeds, or books that you have requested; along with date scheduled for delivery to the school.