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More about the Band Instrument Rental Program:  

Will the instrument be suitable for our school’s instrumental program?

Our selection of instruments includes the major name brands and models music educators know and trust.


What comes with the instrument?

Every instrument rental includes a carrying/storage case and mouthpiece. Please note: Music books, stands, reeds, and care kits will be purchased as needed. Please consult with your local music teacher to find out what music book and supplies you will need.


Do you offer any type of protection plan?

The required Maintenance & Repair Plan costs just $5 per month and protects your child’s instrument against accidental damage or destruction. Intentional damage is not covered or cosmetic damage, which does not affect the instrument’s ability to play.


What if I need to have my instrument repaired?

Our Maintenance & Repair Plan is included in your rental agreement, so you’re covered!

Please note: All repairs must be done at Al Asmus Band Instruments. Warranty does not cover repair work attempted by others.


What happens if my child does not want to continue?

If your child decides playing an instrument is not for them, please return the instrument to us as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to return the instrument, please do not leave your instrument with the band director to be returned. Your contract will end when we receive the instrument in the store.


Is this a rent to own program?

Essentially yes, the rental payment (for example $25 for a clarinet per month) will go towards the purchase of the instrument. If you rent the instrument long enough you will eventually own it. You are also welcome to use that rent credit for any instrument in the store, not just the one you started out renting (provided the rental instrument is traded in).


Please keep in mind, that after 16 months you will be eligible for the “First Chair” step-up instrument program. However at anytime you may pay-off the remaining balance on the instrument you are currently renting, trade it in a for a lower priced used model, or continue to rent to own the instrument you have. We offer flexibility you won’t find in other rental programs!


My child wants to play a different instrument, what should we do now?

We understand that this happens. As long as they want to play an instrument that we carry we are happy to trade with you. Just bring the rental instrument in and we will update your contract with the new instrument being rented. Please keep in mind that your monthly rental fee may change based on the rental fee of the instrument currently being rented.

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